The Mathematics Team 


Our Mathematics team at ABWA comprises:

Mathematics Department at Aditya Birla World Academy

The Math department in the Secondary Section at Aditya Birla World Academy continuously attempts to raise the bar of teaching-learning of Math by instilling the love and interest for the subject amongst the students. Here at ABWA, the teachers’ conception of mathematics is quite different than the image of hierarchically organized topics. We consider mathematics as a network of interrelated ideas whose connections can be understood by students with different levels of attainment, given appropriate and differentiated scaffolding. These problems require students to make meaning of the mathematics they are using by working on various assignments/projects based on real life applications of Math concepts learnt. Class time is used to clarify assumptions and explore and defend their choices in problem posing and problem solving across grades 6 to 12. We use a wide variety of activities, practical tasks, problems to solve, investigational work, cross-curricular projects, textbooks, classwork, and group work. Every task can be tackled by students with widely different backgrounds of knowledge but the direction and level of learning are decided by the student and the teacher. Our curricular approaches in IGCSE AND IBDP OR AS/A Levels are aligned with the view of mathematics as a tool for making sense- students need opportunities to understand mathematics through activities that allow them to make sense of things in the world. Some of the Mathematical activities/projects undertaken by our students are mentioned below: